Our Story

In lieu of an "About Us"page on which we gush over awards that we have won, or the obvious love of photography that we both have or how we started Picturetakers over 38 years ago with weddings. No...

We offer this instead:

Meet Lenore (Our Main Photographer)

who is:

  • very casual
  • always in jeans and a Picturetakers sweatshirts
  • creative, sometimes too much
  • up late many nights designing new ideas for sessions 
  • conversationally scattered and choppy
  • bad at remembering names
  • a perfectionist
  • on time
  • spontaneous
  • happy with the simplicity of life and traveling with her family
  • very fortunate to have found her soul mate, wonderful husband and teacher, Jose 
  • thankful to her son, Logan, who taught her first hand the many, many faces of childhood

To our many guests over the years and to come-

We enjoy your long lasting friendships and creating many memories for you and yours.

 Thank you for visiting us.....

Lenore & Jose