Be-YOU-tiful Session for ages 8-14


Do you remember being a tween? That awkward age of 8 - 13.

Thinking you were fat or too skinny, still have your dolls, but wanted to be adult. Not fitting in with the IN crowd- bullied by the popular girls, made fun of for wearing braces or glasses and much more. Now with social media it is worse.     Told that your school pictures were enough. 

Most of all your body was changing- yuck!

Don't let your daughter go through this alone,

Celebrate who she truly is!

Have her come in and create our custom "Be-YOU-tiful"  self esteem album with her unique portrait session of many outfits. Even if she wants her favorite stuffed animal to be in it that's okay! After the session her one of a kind album with positive comments from family, coaches and friends are in it to help her through these not so fun times!

Call now for all the fun information!

This is the forgotten age in photographs

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